Marco Carsana

Home graphic designer

Who am I?

Marco Carsana

aka ElMariuolo, 36 years old, 1.84m, 88kg, brown eyes, brown hair, big nose. I listen to a lot of music, I’m a fotographer, graphic and web designer. My office? It’s my living room.

What's my story?

I started design studies in high school in 2002, finished in 2007. Then I had a master in Web Design in 2008 by joining an initiative patronized from the Bergamo city.
After that I went to university at the Politecnico di Milano and I joined to the Erasmus+ project at the ESAD of Orléans. I got my university degree in Communication Design in 2013.

In 2006 I worked in a serigraphy as Project Designer. In 2008 in a web agency as Web Designer. In 2012 I was Foto-Editor for a Photographer in an e-commerce. Then in 2014 I was employed in a communication agency in Milan as Art Director. After that I worked as Marketing Responsible and Graphic Designer in a SME in Segrate from 2015 to 2017.  From 2018 untill now I work as a Freelancer.


I’m a designer. There’s no choice.

I mean, there was, when I was young, and I chose to study design. Designing – as the Admiral Ackbar  would have said – “it’s a trap”: once you start to see life as a designer you can never stop. Whenever there’s a problem or a particular situation the designer is trained to analyze it, think about different kind fo solutions and then choose the solution that fits mostly and greatly.

And as a designer you don’t performs this only in your the work-life. The designer do that every day, everytime. It’s something he/she can’t be helped about. It became his/her way of living and if someone asks him/her why following this scheme also in holidays or in the freetime the designer simply answers: “this is the way”.

Well, I love to design, and I’m a Freelancer, so I’m in search for new problems to fix.


I may find the best solution for you